Animal Health Projects & Resources

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The Inverness-based Epidemiology Research Unit at SRUC focuses on the improvement and maintenance of animal population health, as well as on the study of animal diseases that can affect humans. We integrate work from multiple disciplines, including epidemiology and population medicine, biostatistics, social and behavioural science, and economics to enhance our understanding of disease spread and control.

We are currently engage in a range of studies to accomplish the following:

  • Enhance animal health, welfare, and productivity
  • Reduce the impact of animal disease outbreaks
  • Characterise the interactions between animal and human populations in order to reduce the risk of disease transmission from animals to humans
  • Improve our understanding of animal disease control
  • Explore the drivers and barriers to uptake of disease control measures

Resources for some of these projects are available via this site, as listed in the main menu. Please select one of these projects to view further information.

We also maintain a collection of models and online applications for use by stakeholders in livestock and animal health, including government and industry, and by fellow researchers.