Open source software

This page describes open source software developed and released by the the Epidemiology Research Unit at SRUC.


In our work, we occasionally encounter situations in which we might wish to use data that identifies individual people, animals, or farm premises. It is often essential, for example, that we are able to follow events that occur on an individual premises, or to pull together information from several different sources that pertain to a particular person, animal, or location. In many of these cases, however, such data is sensitive or confidential: information provided by businesses, for example, might be confidential, and personal information pertaining to individuals is often protected by law.

Fsseudonymizer is a computer program that implements a straightforward but highly effective, secure, and consistent approach for pseudonymizing data for subsequent analysis. Fsseudonymizer allows the assignment of unique pseudonymous identifiers to individuals or entities without revealing confidential or personal information.

Installers, source code, and documentation for Fsseudonymizer is available from the project's GitHub page.