Herd Health Cost Calculator for Breeding Herds

Year or Litter

PRRS Switches

Turn the switches On or Off to control the impact of Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome (PRRS) in your herd. By clicking on each parameter, you choose which parameter(s) is/are affected by PRRS disease in your herd. For the whole impact of PRRS on gross margin, all three parameters should be ticked 'On'. If no parameter is selected (i.e. all ticked 'Off'), the gross margin of a 'healthy' sow is calculated by the model.

Disease Data

The diseases chosen have a direct or indirect impact on the production efficiency of the breeding herd (sow and piglets). Please choose one of the following options for each disease.

Not seen: No animal was diagnosed with this disease in recent years or there are no signs of the disease.

Minor: The disease is present in the herd but it is under control.

Major: The disease is present in the herd with major impact on the productivity on the herd.

Production Data

Antimicrobial Data for Litter and Sows

Farm Details


The cost calculator model of PRRS in breeding herds estimates the relative economic risk of poor disease prevention/control management with respect to PRRS in breeding herds. The model first calculates the annual gross margin (GM) of a healthy sow based on the physical management and performance data as well as prices and costs.

Age at weaning and age at sale/transfer were assumed to be 28 days and 88 days respectively. In the next stage, three performance indicators of the farm (piglets born alive, pre-weaning mortality and post-weaning mortality) are affected by PRRS disease and the gross-margin is calculated.

The graph shows the range of the possible gross margins (dotted red line) and specifying the following three financial scenarios estimated by the model:

  • Best case: indicating the highest possible gross margin per pig in your herd
  • Your case: indicating the most likely gross margin per pig in your herd
  • Worst case: indicating the lowest possible gross margin per pig in your herd